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Discover the secrets to longevity and transform your body, mind, and soul in this powerful, refreshing, and unique workshop.

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Practice holistic yoga, breathing, meditation, and compound exercises.

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Learn about holistic cooking and nutrition in this exciting workshop and take part in a fun, interactive cooking session.


Holistic Workshop Events:

June 29, 2024
July 27, 2024
Sept 21, 2024

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A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Stephanie C.

Informative and fun experience! Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to change there health and food habits.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Steve H, Nurse Practitioner, Chicago

I attended the workshop with minimal expectations, as I felt I knew most of the things being in the medical profession for so long. However, I am very impressed and learned a lot and so much more and beyond my expectations. It was the right amount of time and it was fun, interactive and felt like a retreat with a great ambiance. I have been following the principles which I learned and in a short span of 2 months without any medicines I have lost more than 10 pounds and have stopped taking one of my blood pressure medicine. The best thing is I am not alone in my journey, Subh has been with me as my constant coach and support in this journey. I am thoroughly enjoying this journey, they know what they are doing, very professional, and I absolutely recommend the workshop for anyone interested in improving his or her health.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Atul and Aparna S, Software consultants, New Jersey

Subh and Nidhi are doing fantastic work which is the need of the hour. We attended the workshop after learning about it and came all the way from New Jersey to Chicago. We are so glad that we did it and started our journey with them. After following his principles of lifestyle modification, we both feel so much more relaxed, better and lighter. We absolutely enjoyed the workshop and we recommend this for everyone young or old. We also enjoy his monthly articles and youtube videos which continues to inspire us. Thanks again.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Karen W, Business executive, Chicago

I heard about the workshop from my good friends and I attended it with my husband. It was a wonderful experience and we are continuing to enjoy this journey and keep making lifestyle changes. I have to admit it is not easy but if we can make changes then I am sure most people can and enjoy the benefits of longevity and good health. Subh is a lovely individual and we have benefited immensely from our association. He is down to earth and one of the best cardiologists I have ever known, full of energy and passion. I would love to cook the way he does. Also, I love his health and cooking videos.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Elene A and Nash N, Physicians, Effingham

We have loved Subh’s work from the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the work he has done for us. We have struggled, but he is there to constantly inspire us and guide us in our journey towards health and well-being. We wish him the best and recommend the workshop for everyone.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Alice C, Nurse Practitioner, Effingham

I have always believed in nutrition and healthy living and I stand vindicated after attending Dr Agarwal’s holistic workshop. He has been an able role model and his ideas and work is worth emulating. I support his mission wholeheartedly.

A group of birds flying in the sky at sunset.

Kristan S, Business manager and Nurse executive, Effingham

I was initially skeptical but have thoroughly enjoyed attending the holistic workshop with my husband. We have completely changed our lifestyle, we go for long walks on most days, our eating habits have changed and without any statin medicines, I dropped 24 points on my bad cholesterol. Subh continues to inspire us and we love his health capsule videos.